Balance Gym bugged?

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I battled today (13.07.2019) the balance gym 3 times. When i was about to kill the last Pokemon of the Leaders the Battle ended and chat said:

"A battle error has occurred! Check the console for details and report this bug to the Pixelmon developers" 

Also now after I challanged already 3 times, the chat say that u can only battle this trainer once a minecraft day, althought i battled it already more times xD



Idk what the error would be about or what would cause it but as for the once a day challenge sometimes trainers/boss npcs will have a timed waiting period in between times you can challenge them. Sometimes this time span is 1 in game day and sometimes it is 1 irl day. If you were able to challenge it again the first turn may not have registered since the battle bugged or maybe the time period passed before you rebattled, but there are two npcs there which allows you to battle it at least twice a day. On top of this, once you do beat the gym you will be able to enter the pokemon selection screen but when you go to confirm it will give you an error message saying you have already beat the gym.

Yea looks like it was just at this day. I tried one day after and everything worked well. The problem was that the battle ends after u kill all Pokemon of one person, but not the other. Many People had that Problem, but looks like its not happening anymore.

ty for the answer.

Problem was solved. Closing.