Can the chat filter receive an overhaul in acceptable usage for words?

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Same as the subject; the chat filter needs a cleaning of what words are deemed acceptable and not acceptable, along with the necessary exemptions for specific words.

Circumstance; shouldn't need to mention this one, it not being white-listed in the filter is pretty ridiculous.

Trap/Trapped/Trapping/words with Trap; I get it's a touchy subject but it has genuine usage outside of a niche insult. The amount of times I've tried to discuss something such as a Heatran Z-Trapper set in the public chat or a Magnet Pull Magnezone used for trapping other steel-type mons and I get my messages blocked because a few people get offended by the word in a different context is silly. Please review these words removed from personal biases and come to some sort of resolution. I propose that these words be removed from the filter altogether, and instead be policed VIA actually seeing the word used as an insult and handing out punishment appropriately, much like how someone would be punished for actively avoiding the filter. 

Crap/Damn; needs some sort of concrete stance. I see some pokehelpers/mods discipline their usage, I see some don't. Personally, I'd argue that kids are a lot more mature on the internet then we give them credit for, heck I'd wager if they have the competence to download a modpack for Minecraft; they've probably been exposed to much worse, hence words as mundane as crap/damn could probably use an exemption.

Please review some of the filtered words, I'm positive the ones listed here don't need to be in the current blacklist and there are likely a few other words I've forgotten while writing this that could also use some reconsideration. 

There will be a talk regarding chat filtering at the next staff meeting. Closing For Now