Returning Player Question

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I am putting this in support as I am not sure if anywhere else would be best. 

So been a while since I was last on this server.  I got the itch to get back into it and figured I would check out how things were on pixelmoncraft.  I see though that it looks like the servers are using reforged now and the servers (Kanto/Johto/Legacy) no longer exist.  Is this correct?  Has all I created/collected been lost? 

If so that is not a problem.  It happens.  Nothing last forever.  It's a shame as that's a lot of work lost, but oh well.  The biggest question is.  I was a rank supporter with fly.  I see that when I logged in the other day.  That it was as if I never played before.  So I had no rank even.  I don't know must in the way to providing proof.  I think the only thing I have is a message between me and Lemonita talking about an issue with my rank rewards.  Not even sure if Lemonita is still with the servers.  Again, been a while.

So in short.  Anyway I can get my rank back or am I out of luck.  Also, can't remember if fly was separate back there or part of the rank.  I think I remember paying for it separate.

Anyway, any help with this would be great. 


Jwinters, Im not sure how long its been but we do have a ./oldkanto warp to get to the old server and you can bring your pokemon to the new server if you would like. And you should be able to Sync your fly and rank in the shop we added a feature for that.