Parasect is a Bugged Bug (Relearner issue)

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I tried to use the Move Relearner on my Parasect and it doesn't even trigger the new move replacement screen. None of the moves work on the list, none of them trigger and no emerald is consumed. Relogging and even trying again a couple of weeks later and having someone else try it for me didn't work either. All of my other Pokemon work just fine. All of the Move Tutors work and trigger normally for Parasect.


I think it's just Parasect that is bugged because, let's be honest, nobody cares much about Parasect, and I think it just went unnoticed (heck, it still has the old blocky model, LOL). I'm not sure if it's a bug inherent in Pixelmon itself or if it's a server thing. I'll likely post this again on the Discord once I get verified since I know these don't get checked much anymore. Thanks for your time!

As answered on the discord you need to get the Pokemon duplicated by a manager in order for it to work. It is a known problem that has several possible causes.

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