Remembering Back (A Pixelmoncraft Story)

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Rats Downyy :P Got Me GG

When Adelephant didnt know about orange and lime juicywater and steak fajita crisps <3


I think this may be one of the only forum posts to hit 2 pages lol correct me (kindly) if I am worng lol

It's the only one to hit 2 pages within 1/2 days though.

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ur wrong lol

When Snoalax & Pikachu still had a blocky model.

When every pokemon still had a blocky model.

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Remember the amount of time we had to spend on gym 3 before the update. Arrow. Beyrahl. You just had to make me stay on that gym for 3 months D:

You could only win in the 3rd gym if DoraKlikOpDora was online...

Hi there.

I am back cs :P as u probarbly know. But remember the giant easter egg at spawn?? Everyone wanted to glitch in :P And viefpief her hiding party? It was awesome to find a chest with the stuff u just needed. Or maybe ChrizieTSC? I still visit his place sometimes (old ingame friend) And my own memory when i started the server :P i grew faster then everyone else i think :P 1 and a half week and i had a team of lvl100

im dead....


Remeber when people used to care about the forums and the support of the server? Cause I dont...

I remember whenever the server would crash, which was often back then, and everyone would be teleported to a cylinder with water at the bottom and we swam around until it would be back up.


Remember when /johto was dead ? OH NVM , IT STILL IS. ^_)^




Remember when people used to play on kanto :(

Im begging more of you to come back D:

Remember modemmaximum c: ?
Remember when a few of us were messing around in the E4 and Aerial placed a healer and we all panicked?
Remember when George [i think that was his name...] dropped those stacks of gym 1 badges?
I know I enjoyed being almost un-beatable as a gym 3 leader with Beyrahl and loved watching people try 20 times to beat one of us. Or you know, just fight Dora XD
Henkoe's black market. shhh.


What happened to Beyrahl? ;_; I never defeated him

And do you remember last Christmas when you flied to the Christmas island?


Remember when we were all on kanto?

Remember when lemon would restart the server so poke would spawn?

Remember when we had poke items before that one update changed the ids?

Remember all those events like Christmas?and the pikachu disguise?

for the last one

Remember when poke spawned?


My favorite was The first time I felt rich on the server after selling 5 legendarys

Remember when the Gym Rewards building used to be the old Pokemart?

Remember when Johto first came out, it teleported you into a jungle biome with only some signs whist the whole map on there was claimed?

Remember when Johto's first improvement was that they added a Pokecenter, an info board, and an auction house? (with sand pathways connecting to the Pokecenter and the auction house)

I can't be the only one on that remembers when we didn't have PC and everyone only trade Pokemon or items or that one 2. something that if you use a move you crashed. Or even when crashing was a daily occurrence? When before Johto EXP shares sold for like 600 pc or if you looked even farther back to when we didn't have pc 5 master balls in a time where Legends could spawn? Those were the days

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Remember the north pole?

Beyrahls 3rd gym was impossible, srsly impossible.


Remember the centuries ago this was created?

When there were massive shopping towns

When everyone was buying from xenos shop

When _Aerial_ bought me donator and I was soooo happy!

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Remember me being noob? 

Remember Jessebaws, afrodisiac876 and Cranberyy being moderator?

Hi there.

Remember when server saves would take 30 seconds and sometimes crash the server.

lol, i do not miss that at all XD

so, here we go xD when I first started pixelmon I remember the days when the rocket casino was made and I had a team rocket house when I was grunt rank XD, I met a guy called Covez and trask who, to be honest I would have probably quit the server if I didnt know them, nicest people ever. I remember when ev training wasn't a thing and you had to buy rare candies XD and before the badge building was made at spawn and when it was the pokemart. I remember doing great tournaments with Covez and trask and I will never forget the great times. You guys are the best :) Also I remember having a house on ChrizieTSC's Island, meeting chaosbuet01 and being friends with anaartonhan also. I have had such a good time on this server ! Oh lavaridge was for all the cool kids hahah! Oh and I won't forget bravelittlekiwi! You guys have been so good to me , I love the server. One more message for Covez and trask, if you see this message me guys. I miss having our team speak chats :(( also miss the times being spammed as gym leader with xeno and we used to have our mini rages xD 

Hello! my name is Luke and my IGN Is Dowle55! Nice to meet you! Need any help? Ask me! You can find me in Kanto <3

Lol dowle ur mini rages also remember me as a rocket grunt?

"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

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Remember when if you had an issue with a member, you settled it with a pokemon battle in lavaridge :p.

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Ahhahah yeah lavaridge was so good

Hello! my name is Luke and my IGN Is Dowle55! Nice to meet you! Need any help? Ask me! You can find me in Kanto <3

After reading all of this and remembering every single thing you guys listed here,
I now remember what I missed and why I came back.
Got to be honest, but I hesitated to join again once I had the time again, but after reading this I know why I made the decision of comin' back
Love you guys <3 (no homo)

All the people selling pokemon at /lavardige

​Almost no one cared about nature/iv's/ev's, only moveset and level mattered

Hi there.

(5 years late but) I remember meeting Aerial, telling him I was gonna make a team aqua but he convinced me to be his right hand man in team rocket, I remember being 11 and sounding like I was 75 with a voice crack, I remember mining cobble day and night to help Aerial build that gigantic 3D R that henkoe did Despise lol. I remember being the one people had to beat to join team rocket and (honestly no one could get passed my fast as hell dragonite) also buying mewtwo and pissing off conkles friend by pulling it out as my last pokemon just to mess with him. I remember Maria and when I was promoted to gym leader for having a team of shinys that sucked (Aerials sneaky plan to beat that gym) then the update where I had a bomb ass poison team that me and Conkles made together that barely anyone could beat. I also remember when Aerial got lemon to give him the fucking Avengers base and make it the Team rocket base lol. I remember Lemonita staying up all night cause server crashes and feeling bad cause I thought the dude needed some sleep, I also remember his character smoking weed, and how he used to say “Hey guys I got my own site it’s called Lemonparty” (Don’t look it up) I still remember Henkoe Crashing his fucking Van and Ship in the middle of gym battles and getting that photo of Henkoe riding his horse upside down that he also hated lol. I remember a lot of shenanigans with Aerial like raiding a scammers base as rocket members and destroying other teams teams and bases. I remember the town with the rocket casino that I never finished building but I think someone else did. I remember finding a wild kyogre in Hoenn survival and dying because it was underwater. I remember the last thing I did was make a really nice house and gave all my Pokémon away (depressing day). I remember Xcite, Aerial, ArrowP, Downey, Lemonita, Henkoe, xConklesx, and all the great memories like staying up till 7:00am just to say hello to Henkoe, Lemonita, and all the others in the (I think) Netherlands. I remember spending hours to make Aerials skin that he still uses today (I think) and I remember the amazing part of my childhood I had spent on this server that made things easier for me since my home life was fucked this helped me everyday to take the stress away and made me feel happy. This server was something that made me feel extremely happy while playing it, and I probably won’t feel that kind of happiness for a long time in my lifetime. I’m seriously thankful for all of you, I’m 18 now and I just finished highshcool and I’m going to college to try my best to pursue in a career in graphic design and I honestly think that skins and Minecraft and this server kinda helped with that too. Hopefully the rest of my life treats me well and if somehow you guys still want to talk to me you can message my personal account on Instagram Marc_Almaguer I hope somehow I get to hear from some of you.

and iMineledgends.

Remember back when we had proper teams and a healthy mix of the worst gymleaders ever and the most skillful gymleaders ever.