Remembering Back (A Pixelmoncraft Story)

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Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to relive all our favorite things and moments from when we first joined Pixelmoncraft or just any memories that we enjoyed here on the server! Come join in haha

Remember when there was a lavender town?

And Covez, ZalexRough, Willthethrill5, SHAD0WA55A5IN, KrotchMongrel, XTC_Xcite?

Remember when there was more teams than just Rocket?

Remember when they announced 3.0 and we were literally on the edge of our seats waiting for this awesome update to arrive?

Or how about when gym 1 was electric, and you had to wait in line like 2 hours just to lose and try again? XD

Who remembers all the misc shops that everyone used to make before /auction?

Remember when every single town was riddled with ugly buildings and advertisements?

Anyone recall Tenta Cools B) ?

Rocket Casino?

How about the Rocket Tournaments?

Grief Parties?

Remember when there was only MX_FROSTY and JesseBaws as Mods and only like 4 PokeHelpers?

Remember when it took people months to get promoted?

Or how about that first couple of days you played and couldn't get enough?!

We used to have a dragon gym?

Or when /fly was only a Mod thing?

Also there used to be a time when PokeHelpers had Force TP and Mods had Ignore Claims.

Remember when shinies were worth something? People would pay anything for a shiny back in the day, I mean ANYTHING! Even for a shiny voltorb or caterpie

Shiny Weedle Much?

Daycares that werent chancies and lava?

Those were the days :)


If you guys have any other memorable things about the server post up!


Creating Team Rocket

when the servers spawn was in a cave

when it was a actuall ip address was pretty special

no store

no ev training so lvl 100s rare candyed were the strongest

building the origional team rocket base as a 3d R made of cobble and jungle wood planks

then henkoe hating it

and when we had hunger on kanto =)

Team Goblin anyone?


Remember when /johto was brand new?

breakin into the crash candy machine 

Crash Candies, Lemon Presents, Cookies.

Annarothan :(

to join team rocket u had to beat marcsky 


when team rocket used to be always recruiting now we mostly dead

no touch was the only gym 1 leader and afro was the only gym 2

Remember when beakens were a new thing?

when krotchmongrel made pokehelper and decided the dirty krotch shouldnt be a helper so he made trask

When Covez's name was Bowmack and Dowle55 was a gymleader :) 

when goro first started playing lemon was all fan girl over him cause he was in skydoesminecrafts videos

When donator was only a month.

when rare candys cost 60 pc each

PokeAndDie much?

mariias police department

XTraskx's and WesleyBlake's schoolhouse on Kanto :) 

Master Balls were like 800pc haha

Drop Parties!

when xtc xcite fell asleep at his desk on teamspeak and we heard him snore then he denied the whole thing =D

I remember that! hahahaha XD

when lemonita never slept was always awake cause the server kept crashing

When _Aerial_ got fired XD

when i got fired from pokehelper

Pideot's horrible model lol

When i1337ethan's skin was naked lol

Team Goblin XD


Still stayed pretty up to date, we will be doing one more thing XD.



 crash candies XD

 Remember when we had a lobby?  Not the one wit the giant pokeballs, but the one where you could do the bouncy block parkour XD.

When held items were rare and costed over 200pc each

When Lemon would give out secret quests every once and a while, and the first to complete it would get like a shiny or something.

That was me with the secret quests ;). Lemon doesn't even know how the quest plugin works.

The days when Staffmembers had to build their own city around their gyms.

The days when I was a dragon gymleader (and sucked at it).

The days when the quest system was just a bunch of command blocks.

The days when there were only 3 english people on the entire server.

The days when kanto was still survival mode.


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Those were all awesome!

Oh yeah!! :) the sponge parkour thing in the lobby!! :) 

When Lemon's skin was him getting high lol

the legendary hunts

when lemon failed in the 3.0 live stream and caught a tropius with a masterball and killed a shiny sizor

When you had to make your own team when you were a gym leader!

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Orange Juice And Leave The Life Wondering How You Did It

When you were cool when you beat the first gym in 1 time

When you couldn't win with 1 tirtouga/starmie on gym 1


Hi there.

The shiny give away! Busy kanto all the time :o 

My very first time as helper and when i was gym leader lol

when PokeAndDie and Afro was still staff

no natural legend spawns, Chaosbuet01 as gym 6 :c

All the tournys at lavaridge XD lavaridge was for alllll the cool kids

Remember when this thread was made?

Remembered Bey at gym 7 and Will of course
Sweeping Gym 1 with an Archen
Lavaridge the old hang out place when Hm first built it and the fire gym was there.

Remember when there were no forums and lemon said the first 100 to sign up would something special?

Remember when there was only one gym 7 and we were short on gym leaders? Lemon had to take gym 1 battles.

Remember when there was no gym 7 because it was supposed to be grass and nobody wanted it?

Remember when there were only 8-9 people that knew how to battle and never shared the secrets of ev training?

Remember when certain pokehelpers could take gym battles?

Remember when gym leaders didn't have pokeheal and the healers took 5 minutes to heal you?

Remember when people didn't do daycare and you had to grind out your team yourself?

Remember when I quit as a gym leader because people refused to take care of problems on the server? (lol)

Remember when /e4 was going to be a thing as everyone was hype?

Remember when teamspeak was only the higher ups and like 3 pokehelpers?

Remember when Downyy did the helper interviews?

The elite4 is still a hype!

Coming soon™....

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Remember... Me?


Remember when you can only teleport to north, south, east, and west as a way to teleporting to random land? (all in the same location every time) And you could do that by going to the teleport room and pressing the stone buttons for those locations.

remember when i was the only gym leader for gym 1 and got spammed terribly suffered alot raged at people then got more gym 1 leaders like fellow_joel and smushiest and then they suffered the same fate XD

captain of the whitebeard pirates Edward newgate battlehaus owner battleship owner

Getting a Non Shiny Rayquaza for the Christmas Free Shiny Thing around Christmas of 2013 on my mom's account and everyone freaking out... except I was like "Lemon You Didnt Make it Shiny...

The Times When I had people asking me to build parkours for them xD

The Times when Any Lv 100 Ev'ed or not was good :P

The Times when Legends Were Super Rare and everybody drooled over them

Ah and who can forget the Shiny Weedles

Fun Times Been around for Going on a Yr So not as old school as some but yeah Had some good times on PixelmonCraft

Fun fact: The server is barely a year old, so good luck with being on it for 2.5 years... xD

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remember the server before hoenn and planet minecraft and there were like 100 people on kanto all the time?

Remember when Beyrahl was the 3rd gymleader and almost no one could get pass him

The mega tournement from SH4D0WA55I5I4N at the SS Anne

And Harold, how can we forget you

Hi there.

remember dowle55 and thierryo3? :(

remember when rare candies were worth 40 pc, but i kind of ruined that cause i started cheapshop and sold them for 10 pc each, so people bought them from me instead? xD Now everyone sells them for 10 pc or less?