Your new Pixelmon Adventure

Here at we strive to provide the best possible Pixelmon experience on any Pixelmon server. 

Pixelmon 3.0.1 Server Update

The server has been updated to the Pixelmon 3.0.1 hotfix and this will solve the issues we’ve seen happen post release. Hotfix Episode II : The Attack of the Mamoswines.

Pixelmon 3.0 Server Update

Pixelmon 3.0 is gong to bring us more than 90 new Pixelmon and a lot of new mechanics within the mod to improve your Pixelmon experience.

Ranking tree, how does our community work?

As most of you have probably noticed already, We do have quite a few ranks, but yet few explanations about them. I want to show you our ranking system works, what ranks we have and who you should inform with issues you have or have noticed.