Ancient Pixelmon Dungeon

The first Pixelmoncraft dungeon has been implemented in /kanto and is visitable through /dungeon. Have fun, and good luck!

Pixelmon 3.0.4 Server Update!

Pixelmoncraft is updated to Pixelmon 3.0.4 Join or, this is the last update for Pixelmon on a 1.6.4 Minecraft environment. Now we're onto 1.7 Minecraft, with Pixelmon 3.1!

Kanto and Johto Server Update

It is now possible to directly join your favorite pixelmoncraft server on or

Pixelmon 3.0.2 Server Update!

Here we go, what should be the last 3.0 release. Heaps of fixes and tweaks plus lots of work on the trainer editor and spawner. Pixelmon now gets to work on 1.7!